Is the Ground Cold?

I was talking to my dad the other day.  As sometimes happens, the conversation turned political.  Now, when I think about politics and where my father and I generally stand, I think it’s fair to say that I lean decidedly to the “left” while he seems to be one who is just a little right of center.  Imagine my surprise when we agreed!!

I wonder if the ground was cold…

We were talking about the economy.  You may have noticed (no matter what “W” said the other night) that the economy seems to be dying a long and horrible death.  We talked about how those in government who have continued to talk about tax cuts for corporations don’t seem to be paying attention.

Here’s what we observed.  First of all, businesses want to make money.  That’s fair…  That’s why they’re in business.  So it’s no wonder that businesses would look forward to these kinds of tax cuts or refunds.  Some call it “trickle-down economics.”  Businesses also want to maximize profits by limiting other costs.  So perhaps it makes sense that businesses see value in outsourcing various jobs to other countries where labor costs are dramatically reduced.

Here’s the question:  If businesses pay people in other countries for manufacturing, tech support, etc. rather than paying a little bit more for people here in the U.S. to do those jobs, who is going to be left to buy those businesses’ products or services??

Maybe I’m making too much of this.  Maybe I’m not seeing something.  Then again, often the easy way to look at something is smartest…  I guess we’ll see!!

Regardless of your political affiliations or ideas, don’t forget to get out and vote.  You’re voice is important…

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