Sorry, Auntie Lyz

Today, Cameron and I were on the way home and talking about what things are “bigger” than others.  We agreed that he was not bigger than Daddy, but that our Prius is bigger than Daddy.  Good.  Then he said that our Mustang was not bigger than Daddy.  OK.  A little confused.  We agreed that Mommy was not bigger than Daddy, nor were any of his teachers.  So then I asked.  “Is Auntie Lyz bigger than Daddy?”

“No.”  Good, he’s right on.  “But when she turns into a man, she’s bigger.”

Sorry, Auntie Lyz!

One thought on “Sorry, Auntie Lyz

  1. I think he was probably just referring to her Glutious Maximus size, no matter what gender she happens to be at that particular time. I love that kid!! He’s so smart!

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