A Brilliant Waste of Time!

Ok.  So first, be warned that the information I’m about to share is dangerous.  If you’re anywhere near the geek that I am or were raised anywhere near the 80s, this could end any semblance of time management.  Know it.  Embrace it.  Love it.

 Now that we’re through that, check out this site:  http://ldd.lego.com.  Welcome to the LEGO Digital Designer.  I was innocently checking out printer reviews today on the CNET website and right there on the splash page was a link.  First of all, it’s free!

<insert of the heavens opening and the angels singing>

When you download and install this nougat of goodness, you get to build stuff out of Legos!  As an added bonus (and know that this is a stern alert) you can click a little button that will let you know how much your creation and the pieces used in its construction will cost.  As an extra-spunky-added-bonus, you can even create step-by-step instructions on how to build your new magical creation once you’ve purchased the appropriate Legos!

Whoever put this togetgher for Lego should get a raise.  It’s marketing genius, and it’s great fun too!  Enjoy, and don’t waste too much time…

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