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I’ve been working hard at this school stuff.  This is hard!  It’s been well worth it, though.  I’ve already posted my admission to CST.  While I wait for the start in September, I’ve been continuing work on my Bachelor’s degree.  I just got my grades from last session and found out that I got two “A’s” and I started the next session last week.  I’ll be taking “Intro to Counseling” and “Spirituality & Mental Health,” both of which I am confident will offer great tools for ministry.  These are the last two classes I’ll take until beginning at CST.  I’m so excited!!

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading this blog!
    Please try so hard that you do not worsen physical condition.
    I look forward to blog from now on.

    Be a lot of blessings of God!

    Sorry about my blog’s Japanese only.
    But, in this site, please do translate of a website for English from Japanese.

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