Summer Camps

Have you ever had one of those days… one of those weeks… one of those months… one of those several-months-in-a-row where you feel like everything is happening at once?  Yeah, that’s us.

So.  I did two summer camps this year, and while I was happily away frolicking with friends Beth and Cameron were working magic.  Not to say that the camps weren’t magical, ’cause they were!  Let’s talk about this…

First was SB district at Colby.  Transparent is the word.  So many counselors and youth offered stories of their lives that were so raw and honest and heart-felt, and then followed with messages of hope and faith.  I was humbled to be part of such an amazing group.  We were immediately tight-knit, and I think we all saw God at work in our midst.

During this camp, Beth did the work required to secure our housing on CST’s campus.  She called in the middle of the week to say that we were moving in just over two weeks.  Wow!

Enter the second camp, supposed to conclude about two days before we move.  This was LB district at Wrightwood.  This was my first year with this camp (compared to around 15 with SB district).  What a faith-filled camp!  God really seemed to jump in during an amazing prayer and story opportunity, and following that two of the Youth decided that they wanted to get baptized right there at camp!  Close out the week with grace-filled sharing by Youth at the last camp fire and it was truly one to remember.

And then there’s the move part.  Beth got a call while I was at this second camp that we couldn’t move until the end of the month.  ARRGH!!  And, we’ll deal with it.  After all, now we have more time to pack!

No, we got a call just a couple of days ago to change our move again to ten days earlier.  And…  LESS time to pack.

Thank God for those wonderful people who have volunteered to help us.  I hope they really show up!!  May God bless us all in these next few days…

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