The Move

Perhaps you knew we were moving. If not, we moved!  The way it went down was pretty odd…

So for the longest time, we had asked to be on the wait-list for on-campus housing but were still waiting.  While I was away at Colby, Beth got a call that we were set to move in just a couple of weeks.  I got back from Colby, spent a week working toward packing, and then went away to another camp!  While there, Beth got another call that the original apartment reserved for us would not be ready on time but that there would be another available at the end of the month (we’re at the end of August here).  Ok.  More time to pack.

The Tuesday after I got back from the second camp, I got a call that we could move right away (more than a week previous to our newly anticipated move date).  Are ya with me here?

We moved.  We moved from a 2000 square foot house (rounding down a little bit) to an 800 square foot apartment (rounding up a little bit).  Of course, we had the big truck.  We had many friends to whom I am eternally grateful!!  We had a schedule that we blew out of the water!!

We had planned to load the truck in 3-4 hours, drive 2 hours, and unload for 2-3 hours.  No.  We loaded for more like 6 hours and came to realize that we weren’t unloading that day.  Besides, all our unloaders had to leave!  So, hotel…

The next morning I unloaded the truck with one dear friend (thanks Ben!) for about an hour-and-a-half and then my Dad for about the same time.

So we’re moved in.  800 square feet (rounding down).  Towers of boxes.  But at least I got my Internet connection!!!

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