McCain Palin by Comparison

I wish I had more time.  I wish I had more time to expound on my ideas on this election season.  I really and truly think that Senator McCain pales in comparison to Senator Obama.

In the issue I think is most important today, Economics, John McCain subscribes to the trickle-down philosophy made “popular” by Ronald Reagan.  The idea is that making business cheaper for businesses will cause those businesses to create more jobs and reduce prices for their products.  The assumption this makes is that these businesses will go this route instead of keeping the profits!!  As an example, let’s look at the Oil companies and their record profits as the American consumer continues to struggle with gas prices that were under $1.50 / gallon eight years ago.  So is continuing the Bush tax cuts (that have been in place for years now…  How’s it going so far?) really a very good idea?

Of course, John McCain says that Barack Obama will raise taxes.  Wrong again.  Independent sources say that taxes will be cut for roughly 80% of Americans.  Who is it who stands for change?  And who is it who claims change while giving up his campaign to some of the same lobbyists who (arguably) are responsible for our current economic mess?

And don’t get be started on Governor Palin…

Alright, I’ll be brief.  She says she has executive experience including command over Alaska’s National Guard.  Then why is it that the head of that National Guard spoke luke-warm about Palin at first.  Suddenly he reversed course followed within days by (surprise!) a promotion directly from Governor Palin.

She’s not a fiscal conservative.  As both a Mayor and Governor, she turned surplus into massive debt.  And she hired a lobbyist to bring in the highest amount of earmarks (that’s “pork-barrel spending” kids!) per capita in any state in the US.

No, she didn’t say “thanks but no thanks” to the Bridge to Nowhere.  She supported it in her gubinatorial campaign and only flip-flopped after it became a political no-winner.  But she kept the $230 million.  I’m pretty sure that was an earmark.

She didn’t sell the jet on Ebay.  She listed it, but it didn’t sell.  She sold it to a campaign contributor.  At a loss.

Ultimately, regardless of what I have to say, please check out the candidates for yourself.  Check out their websites.  Read the specifics on each site about the candidates’ position on issues.  Watch the debates.  And most importantly, VOTE!!

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