Two Things

First of all, I want to take a minute to talk about the negative ads.  While it’s true that I’m an Obama supporter and that I argue that McCain’s ads are far more insidious than Obama’s, I have seen a disturbing trend as both candidates continue to go more and more negative.  I’ve been frequenting two web sites (PolitiFact and FactCheck) who are offering what I think is good information on how candidates and other supporting organizations have been misleading.

The key to this issue is this.  These kinds of ads are produced because they work!  If we as Americans choose not to pay attention to this tripe and choose to educate ourselves, these ads won’t work and won’t affect the poles thereby removing both campaigns’ motivation for producing them.  This is something we as Americans can influence.  So we need to get educated and vote in November.

Ok.  Now on to the second thing.  I just heard the news that Senator McCain is suspending his campaign because of this economic crisis and because “it has become clear that no consensus has developed to support the administration’s proposal.”  I recognize the importance of this issue and very strongly support the Senators’ return to Washington to be part of the solution.

But my gut reaction is that this does not in any way necessitate the suspending of campaigns nor the postponing of the debate.  To be even more blunt, I really think that Senator McCain is using this issue as a political tool to change the timing of the debate because the current economic crisis is harmful to his campaign.  In other words, I think this is a smokescreen.  I’m tired of political games.  To me, this is the same-old-same-old.  I’m done with Bush politics.  I want real change, and that’s not John McCain.

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