Best Election Metric Ever!

On the way home today, I told Cameron – my four-year-old – that I wanted to listen to the radio.  When he asked why, I told him that there were two men who wanted to be in charge of the country and that tonight was the night we’d find out who it would be.

I wanted to know what he thought, so I gave him the names of the two leading candidates:  Barack Obama and John McCain.  I gave him the names in that order because most agree that order can influence a toddler’s choice.  Generally, a toddler will choose whichever is the choice heard most recently – the last one.  So I gave him the names in that order and asked him who he thought should be in charge.

His answer:  Barack Obama.

Turn off your televisions, shut down your computers.  This is the only metric you’ll need.  It’s done.

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