Drive-through Weirdness

How come people drive up to the magic talking order-machine at a fast-food drive-through and open their door?  I really don’t understand this.  What’s wrong with putting down your window?  Are there really that many cars out there with busted windows?  Is there an epidemic?

When I go through a drive-through, I put down my window.  I’ve actually tried the door thing to see if it made sense or worked any better.  It did neither. So please, somebody help me.  I’m confused.

4 thoughts on “Drive-through Weirdness

  1. And, um, Bob…. when you did your little experiment at opening the door…. what do you imagine the person behind YOU was thinking?

  2. Although I’d be surprised that this is all just different people thinking the same as I do but willing to experiment anyway, I suppose it’s a possibility. Maybe.

  3. I know of one person whose window wouldn’t roll down. After he bought a different car, he was able to order fast-food like a normal person. (and get into the conference center lot)

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