Saying Goodbye

So I’m not sure how I feel about this.  We were out and about when Lyz sent me a text telling me that Michael Jackson had died.  And I’m kind of… I don’t know, I just feel different.

I love music.  I’m so deeply engaged in music.  I say with conviction that I don’t think I would be alive today without music.  And so how is someone with that kind of background supposed to deal with the death of a music icon?

The first record I ever owned – the record that taught me that music could be cool and not the obligatory weekly lesson – was Thriller.  So how do you say goodbye?

I wouldn’t say I’ve been a hard-core fan.  I watched the news reports in horror during the trial in Santa Maria wondering whether or not he was guilty.  I generally figured that I didn’t know enough about what was going on and didn’t pass judgement for myself.

And still, the music and lyrics have held deep meaning.  Thriller, clearly.  Black or White.  Man in the Mirror.  It’s been a while since I’ve listened to them all.  I think I’ll start again…

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