Unlikely Leaders

A few weeks ago, I preached on the story of Mary and Martha in the Gospel of Luke (see Luke 10:38-42).  So often, we have a tendency to pit Mary & Martha against each other.  Honestly, we have a tendency to pit ourselves one against another.  What if we worked harder to celebrate the unique gifts we each have and how all of these gifts might be used to make our world a better place?  What if we recognized the leadership potential in every person?

Take a listen.  The audio is from our podcast at the church I’m currently serving.  More can be found at www.um4gi.org.

[audio http://www.um4gi.org/files/audio/13_07_21_Trinity.mp3 | titles=Unlikely Leaders – Bob Rhodes]

2 thoughts on “Unlikely Leaders

  1. GREAT SERMON, BOB! Very thought provoking, and you have a way of helping people relate to the message you are trying to get across….. I always wish that people could try harder to see and understand things from the perspective of the other perosn, the person they are so much in disagreement with…..I wish the political scene could be such that people would accept each other’s differences, respect each other’s circumstances and viewpoints, and work together to “compromise” and find various solutions to the same problem, depending on whose perspective it is being “solved” from…does this make sense? I can usually see many sides to issues….

  2. I also believe that I have enough faults of my own to work on, and that I have no right to try to judge others. To be a disciple of Christ, I need to do my best to be of service to others, to work on my own faults, and to listen and look and feel for God’s direction in my life.

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