A Little VH Love

Anyone who has known me for long enough knows that I’m a pretty big fan of Van Halen. After a mishap between my Stratocaster and my car, I rebuilt and repainted inspired by Eddie’s Frankenstrat (and perhaps photos of that in a future post).

To be fair, my real Van Halen love is with Sammy Hagar singing. That doesn’t mean I completely dislike David Lee Roth, but that I prefer the musicianship and vocal stylings of Hagar more. But I don’t want to get into a debate on that…

But I’ve always loved the stylings of Eddie’s striped guitar. So I have a pair of EVH shoes, an EVH sweatshirt, an EVH phone case on my iPhone, and even managed to find decent wallpaper for my phone! But I never found wallpaper that seemed good enough for my laptop or my iPad.

So I made some.

Feel free to download and share as you see fit. Please note that I don’t claim any ownership to these designs and all credit goes to Eddie Van Halen and Apple. I just put some Photoshop skills and a few other elements together. Enjoy!

This image is square to allow for screen rotation;
2800×2800 pixels should run even on iPad Pro;
Click the image for the full-size version to download!vh_ipad

5120×3200 pixels to allow for high resolution and/or large screens
Click the image for the full-size version to download!vh_wallpaper

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