Where to Sing

Last night I put Cameron to bed.  I do this often.  We have monitors that we use in case he has a bad dream, cries, needs something, etc.  About 45 minutes after I put him in bed, I heard singing from the monitor!  Singing is clearly not sleeping, so I knew that I had to put a stop to it, especially since it was so late!

I walked toward his room, and as I rounded the corner of the hallway I saw that his bedroom door was open.  And the bathroom light was on.  Oh!  He had gotten up to go to the bathroom!!  That’s awesome…  And as I peeked into the bathroom, there he was sittin’ on the pot.  Singing.

So if you’ve been wondering where might be the most appropriate place in your house to sing…  That’s it!

One thought on “Where to Sing

  1. Cameron is a child after my own heart. My brother tells me repeatedly that he always knew when I was in the bathroom. That was one place I was not shy about my singing. Since we are supposed to sing when the Spirit says sing, on the pot is as good as anywhere else. I love it!

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