Junk Food Labels

So Beth just got back from the store, and among the multitude of not-very-good for us things she got was one of those containers of large cookies.  You know the ones.  You usually get them among the baked goods like bread and donuts.  Maybe the deli section.  They’re the ones that they put in that clear plastic container with the custom label on it.  They’re the ones that are packaged in such a way that looks like they were fresh baked.  But probably weren’t.  Yes, those.

So she brought some of those home and I was looking at that custom label on it.  Among the other things that I didn’t want to see, it showed the following:  “NET WT 1.87 LB (850 g).”  And I just don’t believe it.  I don’t see how it’s possible!

Not like it’s going to stop me from eating all of those cookies.  But do they really expect me to believe that I’ll only gain 2 pounds??  I think not…

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