Challenging the TAG10 Crowd

I’m a little disturbed at how excited I am about the Theology After Google conference that started tonight – ok, last night ’cause this is an early morning post.  The opening session was loaded with prophetic voices including Philip Clayton, John Franke, Monica Coleman, Adam Walker Cleaveland, Callid Keefe-Perry, and Spencer Burke.

And there was the dialogue you’d expect about how to talk about faith in a 21st century tech-laden world. There was the obligatory Jeff Jarvis reference – we are talking about theology after Google!  We acknowledged that “Christians are slow, but we live in a world that’s fast,” and that “theology is not something you consume, but something you produce” (from Clayton).  We even discussed “theosis: the process of becoming God – not becoming Christ but being Christ-like” (Keefe-Perry).

Really amazing stuff.  Truly.  And I’m excited for the rest of the conference.

I wonder though.  Will we take this and do something?  And I don’t mean will we participate in this conference that is – in my opinion – on the leading edge of theology and sociology, and then go back home to tweet and blog to our hearts content.  If we’re here, most of us are doing that already.

I wonder if we will take this and build from it something new.  I wonder if we will be transformed by the ideas of our peers and use the energy of our own transformation to do a new thing.

So, will you?  If you’re at TAG10 in Claremont or if you’re streaming, will you take this challenge?  Will you be transformed and do something more than you’re already doing?

I dare you…

2 thoughts on “Challenging the TAG10 Crowd

  1. I am hoping this conference inspires us to do something more. Yesterday was a good start – I think today and tomorrow will be key in determining that.

    However, I find that I am already learning more just from the conversations I am having with other attendees.

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