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I’ve been pretty clear previously on my stance around issues of homosexuality.  See one of my earlier posts on the subject here.

I continue to be outspoken.  And I will not be silent.  And I’m not alone.


So why do I choose to continue to speak out?

A 2009 book by Dr. Jack Rogers (Professor of Theology Emeritus at San Francisco Theological Seminary and Moderator of the 213th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church – U.S.A.) entitled Jesus, The Bible, and Homosexuality explores the same passages (and more) that I did in my previous post, and illustrates well the importance of speaking out.  Dr. Rogers writes,

“The Bible is a drama of a good God who created a good world.  A tragic fall into sin by the world’s people alienated them from God.  But God would not leave these people alone.”

Rogers continues,

“Why do I remind you of what you know so well?  The reason is that this perspective is often absent from the current debate about homosexuality in the church.”

And then he says it even more plainly.

“Most Christians have been told at one time or another that the Bible condemns all homosexual relationships.  That view is simply incorrect.  For hundreds of years the Bible has been used inappropriately to oppress people who are homosexual.”

I couldn’t agree more.  And if we really want to live out the Christian faith, “to proclaim that captives will be released,  that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free,” (from Luke 4:14-21 NLT) then is it really right to use our rich and sacred texts to beat people over the head and tell them that their very identity is against God?

To me, that is spiritual violence.  And it’s un-Christian.

And before we argue on whether or not same-sex attraction is a choice…  Not only does a great majority of scholarship agree that there is no choice involved, but even the Mormon Church doesn’t think it’s a choice!

Note:  I get that I’m not Mormon, and I surely don’t agree with the Mormon Church that it’s ok to BE gay but not to ACT gay…  But doesn’t this say something?  Doesn’t it mean something that they understand that sexual identity is as much a choice as whether or not you’re left-handed or right-handed?

And an even more in-depth discussion of the verses used to condemn homosexuality can be found in the video here from Matthew Vines.  Be warned that the video is long (a bit over an hour).  And it’s worth it.  Please watch.

2 thoughts on “More on the Bible & Homosexuality

  1. Nah, I dont think sexual identity is as much a choice as whether or not you’re left-handed or right-handed. Sexual ‘orientation’ is as much a choice as whether or not you’re left-handed or right-handed. But ‘identity’ is a decision, and some people decide that they are something that they are actually not. Some people identify as straight, even though they sometimes have gay sex. Some people identify as monogamous, even though they are actually cheating on their partner in secret. Identity is just the view that a person prefers to project.

    Yes, if someone identifies as a sinner, it can be appropriate to tell them that their identity is in opposition with God’s wishes. We do that as a society quite often. If someone identifies as a murderer, ie they see themselves as someone who likes to murder, then we point out that this is a problem, and when they actually engage in the sin, we usually have a court judge clearly point the problem out to them. Hopefully most people who have murdered, dont identify as murderers though. Hopefully instead they recognise that murdering is a bad thing, and perceive themselves not as ongoing murderers but rather just as a person who made a mistake by murdering and who wont repeat that mistake.

    Obviously we are all sinners though (Romans 3:23), and many of us know it, and there is little need to point it out sins to those who already know they are sinning, especially if they are not Christians. But for a Christian to identify as continuing to engage in a particular sin, is a problem. Can you identify as a Christian who likes to murder? I dont think so. Of course you can be a Christian who has anger issues, or a Christian who has murdered in the past but who has moved on. And you can be a Christian who is same-sex attracted. But there is an inconsistency in identifying as a Christian who actually continues to have gay sex. That is an oxymoron.

    Details of flaws in the above video can be found via the following link, with the final page listing some of the numerous critiques of the video:

  2. I agree with Tom’s comment- for Christ loved us while we were yet sinners/ but once I accept Christ as the risen lord whom I say I love and desire to be more like Him; then it would be illigical that I would keep embracing my sins and justify them/ like Paul says because grace abounds do we keep on sinning? THE ANSWER IS NO! We seek to be more like Christ – REMEMBER LOTS Wife? God loves the sinner but hates the sin. What did Jesus day to the Samarian woman at the well who was an adulteress ? Your sins are forgiven – Go now & SIN NO MORE. Jesus died that we would have victory over all sins! For we are more then conquerors through Christ! Do not be deceived! God will not be mocked – repent and turn away from homosexuality / there is Victory in Jesus! Satan is the father of lies ! As I heard a young man say , if God wanted man to lay with man He would have created Adam & Steve not Adam & Eve! I pray that your heart will turn away from deception and you will Seek and know the freedom and deliverance Christ has already provided for you, and please stop helping Satan send souls to hell by pushing your propaganda on them that a person can be Gay & practice homosexuality and be surrendered to Christs redemptive gift.., seek, surrender, repent, redemption & change – sin no more!

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